Being a Baker

My son loves that I’m a baker. I’ve got him addicted to sweets…oops! I bake every week and he loves to help me. I’m ok with wanting to be baker when he grows up. Let’s just hope his metabolism is strong, unlike mine. I just wanted to share a few things that Grady has been helping me work on lately.


Vanilla cookie with strawberry icing, strawberry cookies. So yummy…I love doing different flavors.


4th of July stars…


Musical cookies for a teachers retirement party.


Bird birthday cookies. I’m excited about how the hummingbirds turned out.


Farm cookies for one of my contestant winners.

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Operation Cookie Takeover

My family has a little bit of military background, my grandfather was in WWll. He never hardly talked about the things he had seen and we all understood why. I would love to have heard those stories and seen his facial expressions.  He’s been in heaven for a while but I’ll always remember him for achieving his purple heart award and his service to our great contry.
I saw Operation Cookie Takeover on facebook. I had no hesitation, I wanted to jump in. This organization asks for volunteers to send cookies to an appointed solider. A family member or friend submits a name of a solider, and OCT assigns them to the volunteers. Pretty neat! I was honored and grateful to get these sent to a solider that is fighting for my freedom.


Cookie Monster

Believe or not my client wanted these for her father for Father’s day.  He loves cookies so he got the nickname “cookie monster”. Getting the right color icing was a little duffucult. I don’t like to waste icing but I wasted so much trying to get the best cookie monster color.
These would be so cute for themed birthday parties. To order simply send me an email:


Baby Shower Cookie

I am still new at the cookie business, so when I seen an opportunity to make cookies for a special occasion, I jumped on it. Baby shower cookies are special, everybody thinks that all things “baby” are adorable. And so do I. The couple with the bun in the oven are country bumpkins so I made some cowboy boots to go with the monogram onesies and airbrushed chevron and polka dot onesies. So cute! And the happy couple loved them.

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2014 06 01_4061_edited-1

Soccer Mom

No, I’m not a soccer mom, but maybe one day I will be. Grady will be playing, hopefully, soccer in the fall. But in the mean time, a friend of mine asked me to make soccer ball’s for her son’s team. Their last game is today and they wanted to celebrate with cookies! MayTillie Baking Co. is really growing and I’m so happy to have great friends who share the love of cookies…

2014 05 09_4002_edited-1

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Worked Kitchen

I’ve been so busy, which is a blessing! I love my new business and I love making cookies!! This is what I’ve been up to: I was asked to do a local event for the Christiansburg Primary School. It was a carnival with vendors, food and games. I didn’t sell many cookies but I got lots of practice making different shapes and designs. I made baseballs and footballs for the boys: The Footballs have a chocolate icing with a vanilla cookie. Here is the chocolate royal icing recipe that I used:     To make the chocolate royal icing a consistency of run sugar you will need to add little bits of water at a time. Count to 10 when you run your spoon through the middle of icing, if icing comes back together without any lines then you have run sugar. Feel free to ask any questions:


Princess and butterfly cookies for the girls:


I’ve been busy but it’s been so much fun. Email me if you would like to order anything:-)